ERM Platform

A comprehensive  Solvency II software suite

The OOliba Solvency II ERM (Embedded Risk Management) platform is specifically designed to swiftly screen and control Life, Non-Life and Health risks throughout the organisation and meet the Solvency II requirements.

The OOliba ERM platform can be easily used on all levels within the insurance company, from actuaries, over risk managers up to executive management, thanks to the user-friendly interface and avid reporting tool.

The OOliba ERM platform is designed to easily create complex models and swift reporting for any specific business need, meeting all Solvency II requirements in terms of auditability and traceability.

The main features of the OOliba ERM platform:

  • Intuitive and powerful graphical interface, based on modern technology;
  • Clear and readable flows and algorithms using graphical representations;
  • Deterministic and stochastic calculations;
  • Workflow structured and orchestrated calculations;
  • Many possibilities for integrating external data;
  • Availability of Standard Model based on the technical specification of the Standard Formula of EIOPA.
  • Specialised modules¬†available to support: Belgian Workers Compensation, Economic Scenario Generator, ORSA, EV, ALM, internal model (complete or partial), Best Estimates for life and/or non-life, QRT, XBRL, ect
  • Versioning, traceability and auditability for every component of the risk calculation: models, libraries, specifications and data.

The OOliba ERM platform consists of the OOliba Modeler  Рused to create and test models Рand OOliba Enterprise to process the models in a controlled environment. The OOliba ERM platform can be set up to be used by several types of users within the organisation:

  • Actuaries use the OOliba Modeller to easily build, test and calibrate their risk models.
  • Risk managers use the OOliba suite to control and collect data, and validate risk models.
  • Executive managers obtain a broad view on the insured risks and their impact on the required capital.
  • Supervisors are able to execute Solvency II audits simply by using the audit-functions incorporated into the OOliba platform